Cardiff ISoc is run by an executive committee open to all.  Several positions are elected, but most are open for anyone who would like to join!

Please welcome the new committee for 2009/2010.

– President – Nazar Syed
– Vice President (Brothers) – Ahmad Saif
– Vice President (Sisters) – Nalisha Bashir
– General Secretary – Farihah Hadadi
– Treasurer – Munib Mohammed

– Head of Entertainment (Brothers) – Shaikkh Basit
– Head of Entertainment (Sisters) – Farah Alauddin
– Head of Publicity – Sadia Mubeen
– Head of Dawah – Ziad Akbar
– Head of Charity – Nervana Ibrahim
– Head of Education (Brothers) – Abdullah al Mulla
– Head of Education (Sisters) – Sahar al Faifi

– Head of Buddy Scheme – Abdul-Azim Ahmed
– Head of Blog – Aveen Rahman
– Deputy Head of Entertainment (Brothers’ Sports) – Mohsin Malik
– Deputy Head of Publicity – Farah Alauddin
– Deputy Head of Dawah (Interfaith) – Abdullah and Aveen
– Deputy Head of Education (Brothers’ Halaqas) – Ridwaan
– Poster Designers – Ahmad Saif and Shaikkh Basit

The ISoc still needs people to get involved and help, if you’re interested please email


One Response to “Committee”

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