Welcome to Cardiff ISoc’s blog!

The idea behind the Cardiff ISoc blog is for it act as a medium to help the 2,000 odd Muslim students at Cardiff University express themselves.

If you are a staff member or student (or ex-student, or prospective student) at Cardiff University – then please write up a post/article to send in.

Some examples of topics can be: –

– Spiritual Reminders
– Personal Experiences
– Political/Social Commentry
– Humour/Fun
– You’re favourite Quranic ayah/Hadith and the reason why
– General Musings
– Opinion/Polemical pieces

Please note – no bad language or swearing/insults/racism. Try to keep topics appropriate for a public forum and always remember that the essence of Islam is good character and we were encouraged to be ‘the best in speech’.

Email articles to: –


We will contact you to let you know it’s been used. Updates will occur weekly at the very least.


One Response to “Blog”

  1. Ahmad Saif Says:

    I thought this quote was very fitting for the youth of today. Even more, i think it explains perfectly the type of individuals we want as part of Cardiff University Islamic society…an example to muslims and non-muslims alike. SO GET INVOLVED!! inshallah

    “We need spirited, energetic and strong young people whose hearts are filled with life, enthusiasm, zeal and dynamism; whose souls are full of ambition, aspiration and vigor and have great goals, rising and aspiring to reach them until they eventually arrive at their destination.”
    – Hasan al-Banna


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